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The Castelnau des Fieumarcon is a private fortified settlement built in the 13th century, far away from noise and pollution. Located in the historical land of Armagnac in the South West of France and easily accessible from Bordeaux and Toulouse airports, the village lends itself perfectly to family gatherings and corporate retreats, weddings, workshops or special celebrations, with its ability to house up to 67 persons together (and more using local guest houses), yet with a feeling of individual freedom and space. The beauty of the Castelnau des Fieumarcon is the ability to have an entire world of your own where you can think, talk, celebrate or star-gaze uninterrupted. In a world where luxury travel offers so much high style and a stratospheric pamper factor, Castelnau des Fieumarcon is more about fantasy.

The stronghold is a perfect example of sensitive (and sensible) renovation. Built in the 13th century by local feudal lords, the village saw its population rise to 240 in the 17th century. As time went by and lured by the attraction of better living the inhabitants moved slowly away in direction of bigger towns. In the early 1960’s the population had all but vanished leaving most of the houses and the chapel in ruins.

The rebirth of the Castelnau began in 1978 when the Coustols family, local entrepreneurs, decided to change the fate of the village. 16 out of the original 32 houses were rebuilt, and the remaining space planted with scented and fruit gardens. The restoration followed the principles of the DaST (Design a Sustainable Tomorrow) Compass and the Venice Charter, the Castelnau received the VMF Award in 1992 and the RICS Award 2001 in London.

A quarter of a century, a lot of love and tenacity were necessary not only to bring new life to medieval structures but also in the particular attention that was given to the interior decoration. Furnishings, objects and tapestries (all sourced in Gascony) blend with more contemporary furniture designed by the owner, allowing history and present to combine harmoniously.

Environment has been at the heart of the Castelnau project from the beginning. Not surprisingly all species planted on the village grounds are treated organically.  Our ecological footprint is compensated by wood plantations near Yangshuo, China and all cleaning products are chemical free. Our ambition remains simple; it is to make of this ancient and protected site, an ecological contemporary dream.


The town of Lectoure (10mn away) has natural hot thermal springs which have been turned into a charming spa centre. Treatments available by booking only.
Balloon rides are a perfect way to relax and enjoy a moment of freedom as you soar over the landscape around the Castelnau, and see our fortified village from a bird’s eye view. Nearby it is possible to go horse riding, canoing, rent boats or playing golf.

The Castelnau des Fieumarcon is a private fortified settlement built in the 13th century, far away from noise and pollution. Located in the historical [..]

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