Surround yourself with nature

Surround yourself with nature! If you’re the inhabitant of one of the many cities of the so-called ”first world”, chances are that you’ve grown accustomed to the hectic surroundings and to the concrete pavements. You’ve grown used to the idea that it’s competition, rather than cooperation, that shapes human relations.

Deep inside, even if you don’t like admitting it openly, you sometimes feel inadequate. When you look at the flashy billboards depicting the smiling faces and perfect bodies of models, hear about the latest celebrity gossip or the newest electronic gadget, you think that there’s something more out there.
At Masserias, we’re deeply aware of this risk. That’s why we encourage all our staff to take regular breaks, to go for walks and to explore the world outside. We’ve came to the realization that it’s not the amount of hours we spend working that make the difference. It’s the time we spend ”doing nothing” and enjoying life that has inspired us to create Masserias. ”Surround yourself with nature”, that’s our philosophy.

We’re trying to transmit this message to our guests as well. While traveling the world, we’ve noticed that people have trouble letting go the natural stress of the city. No matter how majestic the landscape, how crystal-clear the Mediterranean sea is or how blue the Norwegian fjord in front of their eyes, they still have a barrier in front of their eyes that prevents them from relaxing.

Masserias mission is to help our guests step of mundanity and to rediscover the natural self they’ve lost. Our hope is that the experience will help you realize what really matters in life!

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