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Forsyth’s is a small wildlife lodge set in 44 acres of reclaimed jungle at the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. We focus on a meaningful, sustainable wildlife and wilderness experience and this is reflected in the services we offer, in the property we manage, and in our partnerships with the park administration and the local community.

Forsyth’s consists of 12 independent cottages built in an arc around the lodge building. The lodge is a two-storey building that opens out on to stunning vistas of the mountains while the cottages are built to offer unique vantage points into the landscape.

The main building holds spacious dining areas, a well-appointed library devoted to Indian wildlife, a lounge, several fireplaces and the Forsyth Bar. Daytime is usually a well-grounded affair, with any number of things to do in the Park, and thus evenings bring elevation, and everybody usually ascends to the first floor, to the Forsyth Bar, and to the terraces, where a telescope might silently bid you to gaze upon the spectacular night-sky, where the day’s stories are exchanged and new plans made before everybody descends again for dinner.

The lodge is a rammed-earth structure while the cottages are built out of cob. Both are ecologically responsible ways of building that blend with local architecture and go a long way towards moderating temperatures through the variations of summer and winter. This is but one of several ways in which the Lodge treads softly on the landscape while offering every necessary comfort.

The cottages are each a short walk away from the lodge and offer simple yet comfortable accommodation.

The walk from the lodge to the cottages is punctuated by many invitations to sit down and look at the landscape. This invitation is repeated yet again in each cottage. Walk through the doors to the sit-out where a plantation-chair opens its extendable arms in an offer nobody has yet been able to refuse.

An eco-friendly swimming –pool (with virtually no chlorine) is no more than a stone’s throw from each of the cottages.

The grounds, beyond the lodge, offer an expanse where you can witness–on foot, preferably, or with wheels—the million little things that mark the exciting spectacle of the returning jungle.


The Pachmarhi plateau is the highest part of the Satpura Hills reaching an altitude of about 4000 feet (1219 M) with Dhoopgarh the highest peak in Central India at 4429 feet (1350 M). In a way the Pachmarhi plateau is a sky island virtually isolated from the surrounding lowlands. In a truly imaginative move, the park management has opened the old pack-trail used in Forsyth’s day to walk up to Pachmarhi and created a superbly scenic gentle 2-day hike. You can either do it going uphill to Pachmarhi or downhill FROM Pachmarhi. It's fairly easy going in the sense that the days are not long. Watching wildlife requires a set of practical skills. Our naturalists also run a fun three-day course where children and interested adults acquire the basics of jungle craft—how to use equipment, how to identify species, and how to be quick-witted with a camera—and a certificate.

Forsyth’s is a small wildlife lodge set in 44 acres of reclaimed jungle at the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. We focus on a meaningful, sustaina [..]

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