Masserias was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing the most authentic experiences to fine luxury travelers.

Our manifesto is still the same as during the beginning of our journey:

BE AUTHENTIC: all experiences suggested by Masserias are selected with care and are authentic.

BE UNIQUE: we constantly search for unique places that are still undiscovered by mass-tourism.

BE SUSTAINABLE: nature plays a central role for us and when planning new adventures we always give preference to eco-friendly experiences.

BE PROFESSIONAL: we are aware about how time consuming and frustrating traveling can be – we want to solve these challenges and make traveling a smooth and joyful experience.

BE GENEROUS: deliver always more than expected to our customers.

BE PERSONAL: every traveler is different and requires a personalized service.

BE INTEGER: never compromise and always be transparent and direct.

BE HONEST: always provide clear information regarding prices.

BE TRAVELER-CENTRIC: whatever we do, we alwayss think and act considering our customers perspective.

BE AMBITIOUS: try to be better ever day.